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MyRA Information
No. Speaker Topic

Prof. Dr Mohd Shamsir Bin Omar
Deputy Vice-Chancellor,
Research and Innovation,
Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia

1. MyRA Glossary I - Masterlist and required evidence

2. The relationship between MyRA Glossary I and MyRA template report

3. Compilation and storage of data in Team Drive – its significance


Prof. Dr Ahmad Fadzil Bin Ismail,
Special Officer,
Office of Deputy Rector Responsible Research and Innovation,
International Islamic University Malaysia

1. MyRA calculator data collection and extraction.

2. MyRA individual mark data collection and extraction.


Google drive link of the workshop:

1. MyRA Workshop Speaker 1 (By Speaker 1, morning session)

2. MyRA Workshop Speaker 2 (By Speaker 2, afternoon session)

3. MyRA Workshop Slides Presentation

(Note: Due to confidentiality of information, permission to access the link is set to IIUM Staff only)

Image of MyRA Working Committee
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MyRA Working Committee

MyRA Working Committee Members at Kulliyyah/Centre/Institute      

No. Name Position KCDIO Email Ext
1 Mazlilawati Murad Deputy Director KOE mazlila@iium.edu.my 4446
2 Yun Eza Bt. Mohd Radzi Administrative Assistant  KOE mryun@iium.edu.my 4419
3 Zenita Arryani Bt. Tiyunin Deputy Director KICT zenita@iium.edu.my 5606
4 Narieta Bukhari Assistant Director KICT narieta@iium.edu.my 5609
5 Nurliyana Najwa Bt. Jamaludin Executive Officer KICT nliyana@iium.edu.my 5610
6 Syamimi Nur Syuhadah Bt. Sabri Executive Officer KICT mimisabri@iium.edu.my 5613
7 Haslina Bt. Shamsuddin Deputy Director KIRKHS shaslina@iium.edu.my 5052
8 Mohamad Hazwanuddin Bin Shawalludin Executive Officer KIRKHS hazwanuddin@iium.edu.my 5047
9 Ozaliyati Bt. Omar Deputy Director AIKOL ozaliyati@iium.edu.my 4977
10 Fauzatun Aqilah Hussin Executive Officer AIKOL aqilah@iium.edu.my 4257
11 Maznah Abdul Aziz Administrative Assistant  AIKOL maznah.abd.aziz@iium.edu.my 4225
12 Azhar Ahmad Sahabari Executive Officer KENMS as.azhar@iium.edu.my 3611
13 Azura Bt. Hamzah Deputy Director KOED azurah@iium.edu.my 5335
14 Rohayati Bt. Zakaria Administrative Assistant  KOED rohayati@iium.edu.my 5333
15 Zeny Sofina Bt. Martias Deputy Director KAED zeny@iium.edu.my 5226
16 Wan Syarinar Wan Ibrahim Assistant Director IIBF syarinar@iium.edu.my 4184
17 Nurfadila Bt. Fauzi Executive Officer IIBF nd_nurfadila@iium.edu.my 4186
18 Norhaslina Bt. Mohd Sharif Senior Assistant Director INHART haslinams@iium.edu.my 5994
19 Muhamad Haziq Bin Mohd Zambi Executive Officer INHART haziqz@iium.edu.my 6704
20 Mazlina Bt. Mustafa Deputy Director CELPAD mazlina@iium.edu.my 4903
21 Nurmahanim Bt. Jumaat Assistant Director ISTAC hanimjumaat@iium.edu.my 1231
22 Raja Noor Ashikin Raja Alias Deputy Director KLM shikin@iium.edu.my 2607
23 Abdul Malek Bin Abdul Hadi Deputy Director KOM amalek@iium.edu.my 4415
24 Muhammad Noor Hj Ayob Deputy Director KOD mnoorayob@iium.edu.my 5469
25 Amir Zahiruddin Bin Kamal Pasha Deputy Director KAHS zaei_p@iium.edu.my 5217
26 Mohd Roslan Bin Zainol Abidin Deputy Director KOS zroslan@iium.edu.my 5016
27 Mohd Danial Bin Jamaludin Deputy Director KOP danial@iium.edu.my 4816
28 Asmawati Bt. Che Ismail Senior Assistant Director KON asma_ci@iium.edu.my 7212


Image of MyRA Section Leader
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MyRA Section Leader

MyRA Section Leader for 2023

No. Name of Member Email Address Telephone Ext Office/Division/Centre Section
1 Hasleena Mohamad Arsad hasleena@iium.edu.my 5206 Centre for Postgraduate Studies (CPS) A2b, D1 - D6
2 Nuraqmar Az Amirudin nuraqmar@iium.edu.my 4033 Academic Management and Admissions Division (AMAD) A2a
3 Kamarrudin Ali dinali@iium.edu.my 4972 Management Services Division (MSD) A1, B2, B3, G2
4 Salina Sa-Idul Haj shsalina@iium.edu.my 4702 Office of the Deputy Rector (Responsible Research and Innovation) (ODRRRI) B4abcdf, G3, G5
5 Farizah Mohd Ramli rfarizah@iium.edu.my 6327 Office of Industrial Links (OIL) G6
6 Wan Zawiyah Wan Ya'cob wzawiyah@iium.edu.my 5458 Sejahtera Centre for Sustainability and Humanity (SC4AH) G6
7 Irni Izwah Abu Bakar irni@iium.edu.my 4817 Library C1, B4 copyright
8 Siti Aidah Rabingan aidah@iium.edu.my 4834 Library H2
9 Mohd Khairulzain Abdul Rahman khairulz@iium.edu.my 09-570 4024 Office of the Campus Director (OCD), Kuantan Campus H1
10 Muhammad Saifurrijal Zaini rijal@iium.edu.my 5946 Finance Division (FD) D7
11 Mohamed Bedrulzaman Mohamed Basir bedrulzaman@iium.edu.my 5192 Finance Division (FD) F
12 Nurfakhitah Hashim fakhitah@iium.edu.my 5182 Finance Division (FD) F
13 Muhammad Faizal Mohd Gunny faizalgunny@iium.edu.my 6680 Finance Division (FD) C2
14 Ami Nordin Ismail amiluq@iium.edu.my 5007 Research Management Centre (RMC) E, B4e
15 Nurain Mohd Zuber nurainzuber@iium.edu.my 6194 Research Management Centre (RMC) C3
16 Adhawiyah Azzahra Abd Talib adhawiyahtalib@iium.edu.my 5015 Research Management Centre (RMC) G1, G4, G7
17 Nor Aminah Kostor aminah@iium.edu.my 5432 Research Management Centre (RMC) B1
18 Rafidah Mat Desa rafidahmd@iium.edu.my 5430 Research Management Centre (RMC) D8
Image of MyRA Research Currencies
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MyRA Research Currencies



1. MyRA Currencies PDF