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Research Evaluation Committee (REC)

This committee is responsible to the URC for the conduct of all research by performing the following duties and functions: -

  1. Handling evaluation of research proposals submitted through the Centre of Studies;
  2. Monitoring and assessing the progress of the ongoing project;
  3. Arranging evaluation of research output, suggesting any changes, if necessary, and recommending to the URC to approve the Research Output;
  4. Evaluation of the application of the research exhibition;
  5. Evaluation of commercialization potential of Research Output;
  6. Recommendation of a method of commercialization;
  7. Review of Licensing and Commercialisation Agreement; and
  8. Evaluation of establishment of start-up/spin-off companies.

Members of the REC comprise the following: -

  1. Director of RMC as Chairman;
  2. The Deputy Directors of RMC as the Secretary.
  3. The Heads of Research of relevant KCDIO;
  4. A representative from the Finance Division;
  5. A representative from the Office of the Legal Adviser; and
  6. Any other person appointed by the Director of RMC.