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Research Ethics Committee (IREC)

This committee is responsible to the URC for the conduct of all research involving humans and human samples by performing the following duties and functions: -

  1. To ensure that the research conforms with proper guidelines for human rights, compliance with the law, conflict of interest, safety, and health;
  2. To protect the University against potential legal implications due to unethical conduct in research involving humans; To care for vulnerable individuals who need additional protection during research; 
  3. To ensure that IIUM research conforms with any legal and regulatory requirements.

Members of the IREC shall comprise the following: -

  1. A minimum of eight (8), and a maximum of twelve (12) members. The membership is an equitable representation including academicians, clinicians, scientists, non-scientists, members of the community, a lawyer/expert in ethics, a social worker/layperson/teacher/a religious scholar
  2. The committee will consist of a Chairperson, an alternate chairperson, a secretariat, and 7-12 active members who represent an appropriate balance of professional, ethical, legal, cultural, educational, spiritual, and community interests.
  3. The IREC is constituted according to the requirements of the University.
  4. An expert in the relevant research area, preferably from Medical background, shall be the Chairman of the IREC.
  5. The RMC shall provide the Secretary and the Secretariat for the IREC.


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