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Image of Checklist Post-Doctoral Fellow, Professional Visit Pass (PVP), Visiting Pass Professor / Scholar (IKHTISAS)
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Checklist Post-Doctoral Fellow, Professional Visit Pass (PVP), Visiting Pass Professor / Scholar (IKHTISAS)

Checklist Post-Doctoral Fellow, Professional Visit Pass (PVP), Visiting Pass Professor / Scholar (IKHTISAS)

Checklist Form for: -


* Post-Doctoral Fellow

* Professional Visit Pass (PVP)

* Visiting Pass Professor / Scholar (IKHTISAS)


Downloaded to see

the sample

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1. Photo (5 cm x 3.5 cm) blue background
It would be appreciated if you could provide a high-quality photo that meets our requirements.

Sample of Requirement of Photo


2. Passport photocopy colour


Please note that the passport copies must:

-Must be scanned in clearly readable and COLOUR copies
-Include all pages, including all empty pages, in a 1 PDF file.
-Scan Includes booklet cover.
-Have a minimum of 6 empty pages

-Passport validity must be 12 months

-Old passport (if applicable)

Sample of Passport


3. Application letter (this one will be applied by staff Vissa)

Sample of Application letter

4. Personal Bond

* Duly stamped by LHDN (validity within 3 months)

 (All Nationality Except Chinese and Bangladeshi) 

 (this one will be applied by staff Vissa)

Sample of Personal Bond



a)  Bank Guarantee

Security Bond & Bank Guarantee (Chinese and Bangladesh Nationality Only) 



Applicant needs to provide a Bank Guarantee duly stamped by LHDN, with enough validity duration in the applicant’s assignment. 




* Security Bond apply for nationality: Chinese              (RM 1,500.00)
                                                                    Bangladeshi      (RM    750.00)


*Kindly Refer with receipt payment to UIAM Finance with detailed applicant in the Bank Guarantee form (Appendix 1, Appendix 2)


Please ensure that the bank guarantee is ISSUED FOR PROFESSIONAL VISIT PASS and addressed to:


Ketua Pengarah Imigresen Malaysia

Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia

Bahagian Khidmat Ekspatriat,

Unit Pas Lawatan Ikhtisas

No.15, Tingkat 3 (podium)

Persiaran Perdana, Presint 2

62550 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan.

b) Security Bond
 * Duly stamped by LHDN (validity within 3 months)  

Bank Guarantee form
see the attachment below:

(Appendix 1, Appendix 2)

























Security Bond attachments



6. Offer Letter

The acceptable validity period for an Offer Letter is within 3 months upon the ISSUANCE date. Please provide an updated Offer Letter.

Note: Please ensure the issuance date of an Offer Letter should come first and the Acceptance Letter will be the reply for the offer proposed by the Malaysian company.


In employer acceptance, please make sure to state:

i. Name of employer

ii. Signature

iii. Designation

iv. Company/Sponsorship stamping.

Sample of Offer Letter



7. Acceptance Letter

Acceptance Letter by Foreign Company/ Sponsorship -detailing the position, duration and allowance (if any)

Sample of Acceptance Letter


8. Schedule of Training / Teaching

Please provide an updated work schedule with the company letterhead.

Schedule of Training / Teaching


9. Academic Certificate


Please have the Embassy OR Company’s Human Resources or above to CTC the education certificate. 

Please include the following information:
a) Signature
b) Name
c) Designation (HR or above)
c) Official company stamp

Sample of Academic Certificate

https://esd.imi.gov.my/esd/modules/application/pdf/pvp/9 Sample of Academic Certificate.pdf

10. Resume / Curiculum Vite (CV)
For the working experience section, kindly include the following in the resume's working history, year-to-year duration until PRESENT (inside and outside Malaysia) with details:

i. Company name: xxx
ii. Duration: YEAR TO YEAR
iii. Position held: xxx
iv. Brief responsibilities: xxx

Thus, please provide an amended resume. If the employee was unemployed during any period, please state too in the resume.

Sample of Resume/CV

*Please visit this link for immigration requirements for resume/curriculum vitae: https://esd.imi.gov.my/esd/modules/application/pdf/ep/4%20Sample%20of%20Resume.pdf


11. A colourful scan of the Sponsorships Letter


12. Job Description


Please note the current job description attached must transcribed on hiring company letterhead. Provide a job description with the following details:


-Position must be stated on the Job Description

-Location of the position

-Reporting Line/Supervisor Designation

-List of tasks/ responsibilities for the position applied

-Ensure the position in the job description is the same position stated in the offer/contract.

Sample of Job Description

https://esd.imi.gov.my/esd/modules/application/pdf/pvp/8 Sample of Job Description.pdf

* All costs & and processes for fulfilling the checklist requirement shall be borne by the newly appointed officer (Application Offer for 1 year).


*SEV Letter (Single Entry Letter) will only be processed after submission of Exit Stamp from Malaysia & and Entry Stamp into your home country.

The applicant is on a new application for a Professional Visit Pass, and this requires him/her to enter Malaysia only after the application has been approved, entering Malaysia with an approval letter (SEV Letter).


** Checklist Form Research Schedule