International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) Research Ethics Committee (IREC) is a body responsible for ensuring the ethical integrity of research involving human participants conducted at the university. First established in 2004 as the Kulliyah of Medicine Ethics Committee overseeing exclusively medical research, the university decided to rename it to IREC in February 2012 to reflect its role as the ethics committee to represent the university and this was endorsed by the highest authority of the institution. IREC’s mandate, on behalf of the University, is to protect the rights and welfare of human participants who take part in research conducted under the auspices of the University. IREC has the duty to provide guidance to researchers and to ensure that research involving persons is carried out safely with considered consent and respect to autonomy and privacy of the subjects, with principles of distributive justice and in accordance with the ethical principles


In a world marked by rapid technological advancements and ever-evolving research methodologies, tasks of an ethics committee becomes even more crucial. As we delve into new frontiers of knowledge, we must be unyielding in our dedication to ethical considerations, As the Chairman of IREC, I reaffirm our collective commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards in all human research endeavours.

Human research is research about people or their data or tissues. It can include: taking part in surveys, interviews or focus groups; undergoing psychological, physiological or medical testing or treatment; being observed by researchers; the collection and use of participants’ body organs, tissues or fluids and access to their personal documents or other materials.

Research lie not only in the pursuit of knowledge and advancement, but also in the profound responsibility to ensure the well-being and dignity of the individuals who willingly participate in our studies. It is with this understanding that our Ethics Committee was established – to provide a rigorous and comprehensive review process that safeguards the rights, autonomy, and welfare of every human participant.

I urge you’ll to approach your research endeavours with unwavering integrity and empathy. Prioritize informed consent, confidentiality, and respect for cultural nuances in a multicultural society like ours in every step of your work. Our committee stands ready to provide guidance, support, and ethical insights whenever needed.

IREC’s ultimate goal is to promote high ethical standards in research within IIUM community and the Malaysian scientific community at large.

Prof. Dr. Nasser Muhammad Amjad,
MBBS (Col.), MS (Col.), FRCS (Glasgow), Dip. Islamic Studies (IIUM)

Chairman of IIUM Research Ethics Committee




IREC operation can be divided to four (4) procedure which is:

  1. Membership
  2. Initial Review application
  3. Post-approval submission
  4. Documentation and archiving

In this website, we will focus on Initial review application and Post-approval submission for user understanding and guideline when applying for ethical approval from IREC.

Initial Review

Initial review is the first step in obtaining Ethical approval. It involve the process of registration, file upload, review, deliberation and approval.

Post-approval submission

Post-approval submission is responsibility of Investigator after obtaining ethical approval from IREC. The responsibilty involve updating IREC on any changes/amendment during the on-going research, update on research progress, request to extend approval duration, report on the research completion and informing any deviation measure taken during research. 

contact information

write us or contact us on via this form or irec@live.iium.edu.my