Eid Gathering 2023


RUBIC members come together at Rubicle to celebrate Hari Raya, rejoicing in the blessings of Eid. The air carries the enticing aroma of delicious dishes, tempting everyone to partake in a feast that embodies unity and togetherness. #rubiciium #rubic #iium #kulliyyahofscience #eid

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RUBIC is a research unit focusing on Bioinformatics and Computational biology techniques and integration of both experimental and theoretical studies, we also conduct and organize training, seminar, and meeting to share and disseminate knowledge transfer to the wider research community inside and outside IIUM. This will also become a platform to foster interactions and inter-department, inter-kulliyyah within IIUM as well as external research collaborations. This research group aims to emerge as a center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology that involves scientific research breakthroughs in line with IIUM vision and mission according to the national key priority area.

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